Zlati dolar Srebrni dolar

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  • Leah Ideas
Zlati dolar Srebrni dolar

Zlati dolar Srebrni dolar

$156.98 $148.98

Zlati dolar Srebrni dolar

$156.98 $148.98
Velikost (cm/palec): 32x64 inch 80X160cm
barva: GOLD


Če iščete popoln dodatek, da to steno spremenite v prostor, ki vam bo zavidal. Obljubljamo, da bo naša umetnina na platnu naredila neustavljivo osupljivo.  

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"Zlati dolar". Leah Ideas.

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Leah Ideas

 Our Promise

  • Crafted in PL State fo the Art Production Facility.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed and backed up by our 30 Day Risk FREE Warranty
  • You and your guests will never get bored of looking at this piece of art full of High Definition Details and Vibrant Colors.
  • It will last from generations as is made of Premium Poly-Cotton canvas and Humidity Proof Durable Ink.
  • Different sizes to choose from and Extra Large formats and the most affordable price.

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Amazing Colors

Amazing Colors

Amazing Colors


  • Rolled Premium Poly-Cotton Canvas: Comes with an extra 5cm on each side to fit nearly any frame.
  • Protective Packaging canvas and Shipped securely to prevent any damage during transit.

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